Below is a copy of our purchase contract.  By sending a deposit, you are commiting to this contract and it's terms. 

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE if you -- the buyer -- change your mind.

Puppy:                                                               Breed:

Birth date:                                                          Registration:

Dam:                                                                  Sire:




~~ we reserve the right to sell our puppies to approved homes only ~~

All puppies purchased must be examined by the buyer’s veterinarian within the first five business days after purchase/pick-up. Written proof of this visit must be provided to Half Pint Kennels within 14 days of purchase/pick-up or the health guarantee becomes null and void.


The puppy described above is warranted to be healthy and free of any communicable disease for a period of seven (7) business days from the date of purchase/pick-up, with a visit to and verification by a licensed Veterinarian of the buyer’s choice and at the buyer’s expense. We DO NOT guarantee stress related illnesses.


If the above puppy should be found within seven (7) days after date of purchase/pick-up to have a communicable disease which renders the puppy as an unfit pet, the puppy will be replaced or a full refund will be given at the discretion of the seller. Replacement and/or refund shall be conditional upon receipt of a signed veterinarian’s certificate stating clearly the disease responsible for such condition together with return of the puppy which is certified to be unfit. The buyer shall be responsible for all shipping/transportation costs associated with the return of the defective puppy and cost of shipping the replacement puppy.

Seller additionally warrants that within a one (1) year period following the puppy's date of birth, seller warrants the purchased puppy against any genetic defect which would render the puppy unfit as a pet. In the event that a defect in the puppy is discovered within such period and is verified by a licensed veterinarian pursuant to examination to be truly genetic and not environmentally caused, seller shall have the option to refund the purchase price or to furnish buyer with a replacement puppy of similar quality and value at seller’s convenience. The defective puppy must be returned to the seller in good condition, other than the specified problem, at the buyer’s expense. Any registration papers must also be returned, as well as proof that the puppy is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations and deworming protocol. Your veterinarian’s records and information on the puppy must be allowed to be reviewed by our veterinarian.


In connection with the above warranties, buyer hereby expressly agrees that under no circumstances shall seller’s liability to buyer exceed the purchase price paid for the puppy or shall seller be liable for consequential damages of any sort including, but not limited to, any veterinary examinations, treatments, or procedures.

The puppy described above is sold as a PET dog only, with no warranties, promises or guarantees for breeding, showing or any other purpose other than a pet. Minor defects that are of little consequence for the puppy’s health are not covered (such as, but not limited to, under bite, over bite, luxating patellas, stenotic nares, or hernias). We DO NOT pay veterinarian bills.  We also do not warrant adult size or color, nor do we warrent coat quality of level of shedding.

Payment is due in cash or USPS Money Order. Any other payment arrangements must be made no less than one week prior to purchase, and additional fees may apply. Any deposits that are made to hold a puppy are non-refundable when agreement is cancelled by the buyer.

This contract constitutes the complete warranty and agreement between the seller (Half Pint Kennels) and the buyer (listed by signature below) and no other representations, promises or warranties apply, either stated or implied. The provisions of this contract shall be interpreted and construed in accordance to the laws and statutes of the State of Iowa. The venue for any litigation concerning this contract will be limited to Mills County, Iowa, under a non-jury proceeding.

Dated this ______________ day of ________________, 20____.

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